for Citibank-on their banking side. The conclusion was they shouldn't have let them fail, because look what happened. They are testifying again. It just says: Why only 5 of your investment is funded in this way? Decisions that are made, shift the risk where it should. The first thing is to retain equity. These are kind of claims against the assets. These are promises you made to pay out of the assets, that will call upon the assets to pay, or the remainder, which is equity. They don't usually do it that way. It's a little bit of a frightening Ponzi scheme, where the government sends money to the financial sector; the financial sector gives it back casinos warschau to the politicians; and they are scratching each other's backs. I think people want to have access to their funds, all these liquidity need. Let's go back to the balance sheet and go very slowly. Tweet Share Share Gambling Casinos, Gaming Ships Sports betting site for sale with casino (500 slots and live casino) Betting software of website is same as any European bookmaker software so supports all kind of feeds. The building behind is included in sale with potential to expand hotel. All the cushioning that was not equity was useless.

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Their legal problems with it are huge.What is going on in the bank world that has made that restraint loosened or nonexistent.Very, very frustrating getting through.